Camp For Kids

“My experience from camp was so cool. I had a great time doing all the activities, but my absolute favorite was archery. It was the BEST... I couldn’t believe I even made two bullseyes!!! I plan to try and take lessons so that I can compete one day. My Mom was so proud, and I think my brother was a little bit jealous, but also proud so it’s ok LOL.

I also shot a 22 ri e, which was fun and made me feel like I could always keep my family safe. GIRL POWER!

I didn’t realize camp food could be so good, camp res super funny, AND I even got my hunter’s safety license! Thank you for this once in a lifetime opportunity!!!”

-Nevaeh Keeth

“I have never seen my daughter
so excited and focused on a new hobby as when she came back from camp. She spoke about archery as if it were her destiny in life. I was most amazed and excited to listen to her teach us things she learned; she was clearly empowered by the experience. This trip gave her new con dence, focus, and motivation. That is something I did not see coming from a summer camp. Thank you for having her and giving her so much more than
fun in the sun (which is also wonderful by the way).”

-Melissa Thompson