My Youth Deer Hunt with Low's Trophy Whitetails

By: Ethen Methner

On October 25, 2015, my Dad and I and Randy were on our way to Low's Trophy Whitetails to hunt with Leon Low for a youth deer hunt.  Once we got there we went out to the blind.  We went up a big hill that was very slippery and covered with rocks and dirt.  We had to wait for Randy and Leon because they were too slow. When we got to the blind we set our stuff in the blind so we could go to the bathroom outside the blind.  After that we got into the blind and settled in and watched and waited for the deer to come.

fter a few hours, Randy spotted a deer coming in from the left side.  It was a buck that Leon named "Goiter".  He walked all the way into the clearing and started eating.  After a few minutes, a much larger deer came up the hill from the right.  It was a buck and it had huge antlers.  Everyone in the blind was amazed at the size of this buck's antlers.  Leon said that buck was a 200+ deer.  The large buck came in and started rubbing his antlers on a branch and making a scrape.  At the same time the "Goiter" buck started to do the same.  Then the large buck walked towards the blind and started eating some grass and leaves.  Leon took some pictures of the 200+ inch buck which it might have heard but it didn't run away.  He just stood there like he didn't mind at all.  He was showing off his antlers, I think!  Then the large buck started walking towards the "Goiter" buck.  He looked like he was going to start a fight.  His ears were laid back and he was walking slowly towards the other buck.  Then he just put his head down and started eating like they were friends with each other.

few minutes later another buck came in from the left.  He was a nice eight pointer.  Leon said, "Ethen can shoot that buck when he is ready".  My Dad said, "Okay".  My Dad helped me get my gun ready and he told me, "Take the safety off and shoot when you're ready".  Then I said, "Okay, I'm ready to shoot".  I took a deep breath, pulled back the trigger and POW!!!  I shot the deer in the lungs.  He walked off but not out of sight.  He stood on the edge of the lane for a few seconds and then he fell over and died!  I said, "YES, that was a Lung Shot!!"

e talked for a few minutes in the blind and I was really excited to go get my deer.  We got out of the blind to go get my buck.  I was in front of everyone walking to my deer.  My Dad was able to record the whole hunt for me so I can watch it over and over again.  This was my very first deer ever, and my first buck.  This was a great opportunity and I was very excited!  Thank you to everyone who made this hunt possible.  Thank you!!