Hidden Horns Elk Hunt

By: Kyler Koch (Age 12)

It all started with the Mt. Pleasant SCI Convention when I was sitting at the table with my Grandpa. He said he wanted to buy a hunt and the next one up was from Hidden Horns Game Ranch in Sand Lake, Michigan. At rst, it was a buck hunt. My grandpa took me up to visit their booth at the convention and that is where I found out I could choose to hunt an Elk. I was happy and also nervous to shoot such a big animal.

The hunt....we chose a weekend in October after one of my soccer games. My dad and I drove up to Hidden Horns Game Ranch to meet my grandpa and grandma. When we rst pulled in I though the ranch was massive. I saw an Emu when we rst pulled in. There was also another animal from Africa with twisty horns. I met the owner, Brent Fisk. We went into the cabin to discuss the hunting plan.

We walked through the eld to a hunting stand in the middle of the eld. I sat in the blind with my Grandma and the owner. My Grandpa and Dad went walking around the property. I saw lots of big fat pigs. We waited in the blind for about an hour before we got a call from Grandpa. He said that they saw the elk that I was supposed to shoot and it was headed in our direction. We waited and when we didn’t see it, we decided to get out to look for the elk.

We were walking and all of a sudden Brent stopped me and showed me where it was. I started to get really nervous because I had never saw horns that big on a live animal in the wild. It felt like I was standing there with the gun on the tripod forever waiting for a good shot. I nally had the sights on the animal’s shoulder crease when Brent told me to go ahead and shoot then bang! My ears were ringing, the animal ran and so did we. I got another shot in and we sat and waited. My rst shot was in the lungs but we wanted to get a second shot in to play it safe.

Grandpa and Dad came over. The elk was laying down. Brent went up and poked that animal to make sure it was expired. I started shaking and smiling. I was so excited! Everyone congratulated me on my big majestic elk and they took a lot of pictures.

A few weeks later, I got to eat an elk steak that I harvested. We also used the hamburger to make some chilli. I would like to thank my grandparents and Hidden Horns for the experience of hunting an amazing animal. De nitely the hunt of a lifetime so far for me.