Camp For Kids

“My experience from camp was so cool. I had a great time doing all the activities, but my absolute favorite was archery. It was the BEST... I couldn’t believe I even made two bullseyes!!! I plan to try and take lessons so that I can compete one day. My Mom was so proud, and I think my brother was a little bit jealous, but also proud so it’s ok LOL.

I also shot a 22 ri e, which was fun and made me feel like I could always keep my family safe. GIRL POWER!

I didn’t realize camp food could be so good, camp res super funny, AND I even got my hunter’s safety license! Thank you for this once in a lifetime opportunity!!!”

-Nevaeh Keeth

“I have never seen my daughter
so excited and focused on a new hobby as when she came back from camp. She spoke about archery as if it were her destiny in life. I was most amazed and excited to listen to her teach us things she learned; she was clearly empowered by the experience. This trip gave her new con dence, focus, and motivation. That is something I did not see coming from a summer camp. Thank you for having her and giving her so much more than
fun in the sun (which is also wonderful by the way).”

-Melissa Thompson


Jackson's SCI Hunting Experience

Jackson's SCI Hunting Experience

I was so excited back in February when my dad told me he won a youth hunt at the SCI Auction in Mt Pleasant, MI. 

I am twelve years old and this will be my third hunt. 

As the date approached, we realized that my father’s hunt (also bought at the SCI Auction) was during the youth hunt weekend. One of his friends, Bruce, graciously agreed to fill his spot and hunt with me. We had our game plan set! 

My Youth Deer Hunt with Low's Trophy Whitetails

On October 25, 2015, my Dad and I and Randy were on our way to Low's Trophy Whitetails to hunt with Leon Low for a youth deer hunt.  Once we got there we went out to the blind.  We went up a big hill that was very slippery and covered with rocks and dirt.  We had to wait for Randy and Leon because they were too slow. When we got to the blind we set our stuff in the blind so we could go to the bathroom outside the blind.  After that we got into the blind and settled in and watched and waited for the deer to come.

Hidden Horns Elk Hunt

Hidden Horns Elk Hunt

It all started with the Mt. Pleasant SCI Convention when I was sitting at the table with my Grandpa. He said he wanted to buy a hunt and the next one up was from Hidden Horns Game Ranch in Sand Lake, Michigan. At rst, it was a buck hunt. My grandpa took me up to visit their booth at the convention and that is where I found out I could choose to hunt an Elk. I was happy and also nervous to shoot such a big animal.

My Luck Of The Draw

My Luck Of The Draw

I never thought that it would happen to me! Cal Stearns, drawing a Michigan black bear tag. Who knew, right? I drew a third hunt tag for a place in the Upper Peninsula called Baraga, Michigan. Luckily, my dad had a friend in Baraga that he was in the Army with that offered to help me hunt a bear.