Veteran's Pheasant Hunt

By: Randy Raymond

Once again Mid-Michigan SCI sponsored the Disabled Veterans Hunt.  This hunt takes place every year at the Tails a Waggin' Acres Hunting Preserve, usually at the end of September.  This year the hunt was a four day event.  Chuck and Joan Connell are owners and operators of Tails a Waggin'.  The event includes five pheasants per hunter and an all day buffet.

The event is growing every year.  This year Michigan Out of Doors was there with a film crew.  In The Crosshairs Hunting, an outdoor television productions was also filming.  

The weather was excellent for bird hunting on all four days.  Lots of help from volunteers from cooking to planting birds and anything needing to be done.  There were lots of donations.  Teal Saylor, a retired Army Veteran, had donations from a boot factory and was handing out free boots to any veteran that wanted a pair.  We as a group, Mid-Michigan Chapter of SCI, sponsored over ten veterans on this hunt.  Each hunter cost $70.00.  The money for our donations comes from our fundraiser that takes place every year.  Our fundraiser is a two day event raising money for many different things from food for the hungry to shooting sports.  Lots of great things promoting hunting.

Once again we had some of the best hunting dogs on the planet.  Their trainers are unchallenged.  Pointers, flushers, dogs from Labs to Setters, this was a real treat to watch, these dogs and trainers in action.

Lots of birds hit the ground.  Some real great shooting was taking place.  There was a veteran from every branch of service from World War II to the present day.  Some had to use power chairs that were provided.  These chairs are awesome.  I couldn't believe what they would go through.  Everyone had a great time at this event.  Stories from Boot Camp to Deer Hunting were told.  No one complained about a disability, only laughter and how grateful they were for our sponsorship of this event.

There was a cleaning station provided for all birds taken.  There was lots of help cleaning and bagging birds.

All ammo was provided and if anyone needed a shotgun, Chuck Connell had loaners available.

This was a great event and I was glad to be a part of it.  Many thanks to all SCI members and non-members that come to our fundraisers to help promote these events.

Thank you to all our service men and women for their service to this great nation.  Remember Freedom isn't Free.  God Bless You All.