Trophy Awards Program


BY Mary Browning, CHAIR

To refresh your memory, trophy awards for our Mid-Michigan Chapter of SCI are decided as follows:

Score sheets are collected for a two year period.  Before our Hunter's Convention in February, the sheets are categorized by country and species.  The top entry for each species receives a gold award, the number two animal receives a silver award and the number three animal receives a bronze award.  Animals are also separated by method of take so there could be two gold awards in one category if one animal is taken by rifle and one by bow.  

The continents of North America and Africa receive numbers one, two, and three awards each;the other continents receive one award.  The winners are decided by which animal scores closest, numerically, to the top in the International Record Book. To find this score the rank of the entered animal is divided by the total number of ranks in the International Record Book.  Estate deer and turkeys are in categories of their own and are not eligible for the top awards in North America.  Exceptional Estate deer, Estate Elk and all species of turkeys will receive their own awards only if they score in the top 10% according to the International Record Book.

Other Major Awards are for the Crossbow Hunter of the Year, Muzzleloader Hunter of the Year, Handgun Hunter of the Year, Bow Hunter of the Year, Men's Hunter of the Year, and Women's Hunter of the Year.  These awards are voted upon by the Awards committee.  This decision is made on the basis of which hunter had the greatest achievements during the past two years.   We do not consider more than the past two years of activity.  For the Women’s Hunter of the Year, she must have taken at least three animals.  Because we have so few women submitting score sheets often we do not have a winner in this category.  We have not had a Handgun Hunter of the Year for many years either.

The Men's and Women's Hunter of the Year can only be won once in a lifetime.  The allowsmore hunters to get a chance to win this award.

The period for score sheets this year is: 

DECEMBER 1, 2017


November 30, 2019

Send your score sheets to me, Mary Browning, 6030 Madeira Drive, Lansing, MI 48917  You may contact me at 517-886-3639, or email at All entries must be postmarked no later than December 1, 2019.

Please remember to send pictures and to notify me if some score sheets are youth entries.  Children and grandchildren of members under age 17 are eligible for youth awards.