What SCI Does For Chapters

Safari Club International Chapters are often referred to as the "backbone of the organization" because they do so much to advance the SCI mission of being the leader in protecting the freedom to hunt and promoting wildlife conservation worldwide. Chapters are the local face of an  international group are key when it comes to the success of membership recruitment and retention; perform the majority of conservation, education and humanitarian services projects; provide innovative ideas and best practices and play a major role in raising funds for the organization. In addition, chapters provide dedicated "Safari Clubbers" to serve on the Board of Directors and rise through the ranks of the volunteer leadership of the organization.
A new member of SCI is probably surprised at all of the things that chapters do for the organization. They are likely also surprisedatthelistofservicesthatSCI providesforchapters.


  • Incentive Awards/Campaigns
  • Chapter Locator Service
  • 100-Mile Radius Lists (For use in promoting attendance at local fund raisers)
  • Promotional Materials(forms, stickers, etc.)
  • Membership Table Staffing at Fundraisers-SCI Staff Field Coordinators
  • Use of SCI/SCIFname and logos
  • Start new Chapters to increase the visibility and strength of current Chapters
  • Renewal processing and fulfillment
  • New member processing and fulfillment
  • Direct billing from headquartersfor chapter dues and reimbursement back to the chapter at no cost to the chapter

Liability Management

  • Chapter Liability Insurance
  • Directors and Officers Insurance
  • Monthly Compliance Reviews
  • Training (Regional, and Annual Officer Training)
  • Help with Chapter Annual Report
  • Tracking and database management of all membership, board of directors, etc.
  • Database management of chapter documents (IRS 990's, bylaws, lettersof incorporation, 30%affidavits, etc.

Chapter Improvement

  • Sharing of Best Practices
  • One-on-one direct help/training from SCI Chapter ServicesSpecialists One-on-one direct assistance from SCI Volunteer Regional Rep. Regional Training Seminars
  • Chapter member retention program
  • Incentive Awards/Campaigns
  • Chapter Board meetingattendance as requested-SCI Chapter Services Specialists
  • Chapter Awards Help
  • Chapter Newsletter


  • Chapters keep 70% of net from their largest fundraiser
  • Chapter Fundraiser Advertising in Safari Times and on Website
  • Annual Fundraising Training Seminar and Giveaways
  • Chapter Fundraising Catalog/Vendor Relationships
  • Promotional Items/Games/Major Prizes
  • Suggestions for Auctioneers, Raffle Girls, Banquet Software - SCI Chapter ServicesSpecialists
  • Banquet attendance and help with membership sales - SCI Chapter ServicesSpecialists
  • Membershipsalesat banquet-SCI Chapter ServicesSpecialists
  • Regional Rep assistance
  • Speak at chapter banquets - SCI Chapter ServicesSpecialists
  • SCI Gun of the Year program
  • Pre-banquet counseling, and post banquet critique - SCI Chapter ServicesSpecialists
  • Day of banquet help with speaking to the crowd, help setting up, and other duties as needed
  • Annual Convention to meet potential donors
  • New fundraising ideas (Bingo game. Heads or Tails game, etc.)
  • Milestone recognition plaques for chapter anniversaries (10 year ,15,20,25, etc.)

Legislative/ Regulatory/ Litigation

  • Support for Local/StateInitiatives
  • Protecting Chapter Members' Hunting Rights and Privileges
  • Hunters Defense Fund
  • Represent members, volunteers, and committees in Federal, State and International lobbying for hunters' rights Develop legislation for all levels of government lobbying
  • Initiate grassroots outreach to SCI members and hunters nationwide to support advocacy initiatives
  • Fundraise and build financial strength for SCI-PAC
  • Develop voter education campaigns to be successful in elections
  • Conducts seminars with SCI chapters to discuss advocacy and fundraising for SCI-PAC
  • SCI'sattorneys initiate legal challenges to laws, regulations and policies that are anti-hunting both in the states
  • and nationwide.
  • SCI' attorneys participate in litigation to help defend huntingand hunting-related rights and opportunities in in federal and state courts
  • federal and state courts.
  • SCI's attorneys work with SCI chapters to represent their members interest in legal battles to improve hunting opportunities nationwide
  • SCI's Washington office works with members to address questions related to the importation of hunted species, transportation of firearms, questions on outfitters, international huntingregulations
  • SCI works with chapters to develop press releases
  • SCI works with chapters on their response to various media requests
  • SCI works to pull appropriate media lists for chapters so they are able to tell their chapter's message
  • Respondtomembershipinquiriesabout airlineregulatiuons,international travel and importation
  • Lobby-day coordination with the SCI Board of Directors on Capitol Hill at the SCI May Board of Directors meeting


  • Cross hairs generated through the SCI Tucson and Washington DC offices.
  • Bi-monthlyChapter Newsletter
  • Monthly email communication to each Chapter from SCI Chapter Services Specialists and other National communications as needed to keep Chapters informed
  • Comprehensive web site with "Chapter Only" sections
  • A trained SCI Chapter Services Specialists assigned specifically to each Chapter for one-on-one communication
  • A trained Regional Rep assigned to each Chapter to further assist in communications
  • Publications: Safari Magazine, Safari Times
  • PromotionofChapter eventsonSCI'sFacebookpage
  • Professionals in every aspect of the mission of conservation, education, and humanitarian services to offer counsel and help on a Chapter level
  • Monthly mailings to every chapter including; chapter membership rosters, dues reimbursements, new members recruited in the state, new members recruited within each specific chapter, etc.
  • Compliance help and monitoring
  • Annual report training/assistance
  • Chapter fundraiser advertising in Safari Times
  • Chapter-related news items in Safari Times newspaper
  • Chapter listings and contact information in Safari Times newspaper

Chapter Recognition

  • Chapter AwardsCompetition
  • Chapter Publication Awards Competition

Convention and Events

  • Fundraising Certificates (issued in the future as discount codes) for complimentary classic badge based on various criteria.
  • Provides chapters with auction guidelines and policies upon request
  • Provide chapters with referrals on companies looking to get involved beyond the Convention OrganizesSCI'sBoard of Directors meetings
  • Educational seminars for Chapter officers on Legal Issues and on Insurance Issues

Record Book

  • Annual Gift Certificate for Record Book/World Hunting Awards donation
  • Offers Record Books at cost for chapter fundraisers
  • Provides Chapter Awards plaque at cost for chapter award banquets
  • Offers Official and Master Measuring seminar at chapter events including free scoring of trophies for their members
  • Offer an informative seminar on why you should document your hunting heritage
  • Promote local chapters at our regional events and outdoor expos
  • Offer the ability to customize a chapter specific record book

SCI Foundation

Education Sables

  • Raise funds to make grants available to support chapter education activities and programs.
  • Education Matching Grants are up to 50%of a chapter 30% contribution up to a maximum of $2,000 per year for
  • education projects that introduce adults to conservation education, hunting and shooting sports.
  • Chapter Youth Grants provide up to $5,000 to support chapter activities that engage youth in conservation education, shooting sports, and outdoor recreation. The limit is $5,000 in a single year. The chapter is required to engage in a project of at least 3 years and with like-minded partners.
  • The Chapter as well as Chapter Sables Committees may apply for Education Sables grants.
  • Education Sables provide training for Chapter Education Committee Chairs and Chapter SablesCommittee Representatives. Trainingisawaytolearnhowtotapintograntprogramsandhowtoconnectwitheducation projects within a chapter community.
  • Hands On Wildlife Kits (conservation education in a box) are available to chapters to purchase at a reduced cost. This is excellent teaching materials and curriculum to give to teachers, parks & recreation centers, state game & fish agencies education outreach, AWLSalumni and more. The cost is $550. Through a partnership with the Trappers' Association we have been able to reduce the cost from $750 to $550.
  • Supports Chapter Sensory Safari programs. In conjunction with the International Wildlife Museum, accepts donationsof taxidermy mounts and provides them to Chapters.

Humanitarian Services

  • Raise funds to support chapters in humanitarian services related projects
  • Pathfinder Support Grant - financial support for Hunt for Warriors, Disabled Hunter, Safari Wish and Veterans projects. A chapter may qualify for up to $5,000 in a fiscal year.
  • Blue Bags - Safari Care: Humanitarian Services provides Blue Bags to chapters for chapter members taking a Blue Bag along on their hunt to give needed supplies to villagers in the hunting locale.
  • Promotion items are provided and available to chapters free of charge to use at Sensory Safari Events,
  • Sportsmen Against Hunger events, veterans events and other pathfinder events.