Beal City's Big Buck Contest

This was the fourth year for a Big Buck Event at Tim’s Barbershop in Beal City owned by Tim Martin. It was sponsored by Mid-Michigan SCI, and Dave Connors, local taxidermist and official measurer, was on hand to measure the racks that came in. To participate in the big buck contest, your buck had to be taken legally in the 2015 whitetail hunting season and harvested with a gun, bow, muzzleloader, handgun, or crossbow.

All hunters, both youth and adult, were to register at the barbershop so we could anticipate how many would be present on January 9 for the award ceremony. Several hunters participated. Madison Flaugher (9) pictured on left, received a plaque for her successful hunt. Bill Garrett and Drew Bechtel also had huge racks which among others were measured by Dave Connors.

This will be done again next year. All lucky hunters, be sure to stop by Tim’s Barbershop in Beal City and register your buck. We would love to see all of the successful hunters and their trophies. Congratulations to everyone that participated and we wish you good luck for the upcoming season.